About Us

Peter and I where married Oct. 21, 2000.  Most are surprised to know that we knew each other only 6 months before that date.  We meet in College one spring and knew by the middle of summer that we wanted to live our lives together.  We were young when we married and had Alex a short time after Joey came 6 years into our marriage.  We love each other and know that we must work on our marriage daily.  We look to the Lord for what is best for our family and seek his guidance in all that we do.

Peter is the money maker and I stay home with our children.  Living on one income has not always been easy but we make it work.

The Children

Peter and I are blessed with 2 wonderful kids who are each others best friends.  

Alex is 10, born March 8.  She loves all things that are girl but is not scared to get dirty with the boys.  She loves to go and explore rivers and right now is into toads.  She is very caring with her little brother and  is just like a second mother to him.  She is very bright and learning comes easy for her.  She has accepted Christ as her Savior and enjoys learning more about Him.  She is also not afraid to share her faith for that and many other reasons Peter and I are very proud. 

Joey is 4, born August 20.  He is all boy.  He loves to play in the sand and puddles.  He also enjoys listening to music and doing somersaults.  He is a true gift from God.  In February of 2010  he was diagnosed with ALL, a form of Childhood Leukemia.  Peter and I are really proud of him and how brave he has been through this whole process.  If you would like to know more about what is up next in treatment for him and how he is doing please go to his CaringBridge site.  He loves Sunday School and Peter and I pray that he will come to love the Lord like his big sister.

Why Home School

We started our home school journey 4years ago when our oldest was in the first grade.  We love the school district we are in and she had a great Kindergarten teacher.  She was however missing time with her father since he works second sift and like many school districts ours has full day Kindergarten.  We also found that she was not being challenged and found it to be more of a social time than learning.  So after prayer and discussion we decided that going away for school didn't work for our family.  We do believe that God has lead many families to send there kids to school and that is what is right for those families.  We however with our life situations are lead to keep our children home.

This year I am teaching on who is doing mostly 5th grade work and one who will be getting use to the idea of school with preschool done with workboxes.

We take each year as it comes.  We pray about what to do next year and if we ever feel that God is leading us to send our children to school then we will.  They are His and we are here to lead them to Him.

Please read to find out why we have taken a year break from homeschooling at this point.